Full Potential

My journey has revolved around empowering individuals to unlock their fullest potential.

I firmly believe that equipping children with self-regulation and fostering healthy social-emotional skills is paramount.

ADHD Warrior

“ADHD Warrior” is an insightful and empowering book that sheds light on the complexities of ADHD or ADD and provides guidance for children navigating through the associated symptoms. This book offers a comprehensive understanding of these disorders, demystifying the challenges that children may face.

Focusing on treatment strategies and practical exercises, this is a valuable resource in managing and mitigating unwanted behaviors commonly linked to ADHD. Through its informative and compassionate approach, “ADHD Warrior” equips young readers with the tools to navigate their unique journey and unleash their full potential.

Become an ADHD Warrior! Unleash your potential, and overcome challenges. Discover valuable insights and  strategies in “ADHD Warrior.” Harness your strengths, and thrive with ADHD or ADD.

Childhood Sexual Abuse:

Pathway to Mental Health Issues and Delinquent Behavior

This is a profound exploration of the far-reaching impacts of childhood abuse. This thought-provoking book sheds light on the traumatic consequences that sexual abuse can have on children, leading to mental health disorders and behavioral problems. With a compassionate approach, it delves into the complexities of this issue, offering insights and understanding.

Available on our website and Amazon, this book is a valuable resource for individuals seeking knowledge, awareness, and support in addressing the profound effects of childhood sexual abuse.

Rex's Journey

This is a heartwarming book that guides children in understanding and managing their emotions. We all know that controlling our feelings, especially as kids, can be challenging. Join Rex as he navigates his emotional journey, discovering healthy coping mechanisms along the way.

This captivating story offers valuable lessons that resonate with readers of all ages. Let Rex’s experiences inspire and teach us the importance of handling emotions in a safe and nurturing manner.

This book is a must-have resource for parents, educators, and young readers. Discover the power of emotional well-being and equip children with essential tools for a balanced life. Grab your copy now and embark on a transformative adventure toward resilience and growth!

Introducing Our Exclusive Combo Pack:

Empowering Children's Book Collection

Unlock the full potential of your child’s emotional well-being with our exclusive Combo Pack, featuring three empowering books: ADHD Warrior, ADHD Warrior Activity Book, and Rex’s Journey: Helping Children Understand and Cope with Their Emotions.

This specially curated collection is designed to provide comprehensive support, addressing vital aspects of childhood development. Each book offers unique insights, practical strategies, and compassionate guidance, empowering children to navigate challenges, develop resilience, and thrive. In addition on focusing on children’s executive functioning skills as well.
The Combo Pack is available for a limited time only, so secure your copy now and invest in your child’s emotional well-being today!

Girls Deluxe 3-layer Warrior
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Girls Deluxe 3-layer Warrior
Tutu Skirt & Warrior Shirt

Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner

I’m Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner, and I specialize in Counseling Psychology. With a wide range of expertise as a psychotherapist, professor, published author, scholar-practitioner, and business owner, I am committed to promoting mental well-being in children and supporting parents along the journey.

Through my books, I strive to address and explore various mental health and behavioral concerns parents may encounter. Our primary focus is on enhancing children’s well-being and facilitating positive growth.

It’s important to note that “Dr. Ambroes Kids Corner” is an educational resource and does not replace therapy. Our goal is to provide valuable knowledge and insights to parents, empowering them with the necessary tools to support their children’s development effectively.

Join us and embark on a journey of education, understanding, and nurturing that will contribute to the overall well-being of your child.

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My journey has revolved around empowering individuals to unlock their fullest potential. Childhood development has always captivated my interest, as I firmly believe that equipping children with self-regulation and fostering healthy social-emotional skills is paramount. Without these essential foundations, individuals may encounter difficulties in handling stressful situations, potentially resulting in anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges later in life.


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